as u name was MIKKABOUZU.

Finally, I'm gonna back to Japan next march.

these days, I've felt something what is kind of desire.

It doesn't like something missing,n must not be before i want.

I'm not sure what i mean,but I thought most important stuff is writting what i felt when I was confusing by my self.

It means i need more practice.

So,I'm gonna try to write blog in English,sometimes.
It must be bored for everyone.I'm so sorry about that.

But I left only 3 more months,it should be short for me.
I need to do that.

Tmr,I'm gonna meet my friend who is goin back to Japan in a week.

Everyone r goin back to Japan, I miss everyone who met in AUS.

by orange-answer | 2009-12-29 01:09

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