It takes me back.

Ne-Yo/Sexy love

Today,someone who wants to have 10 packs of noodle everytime has come to our shop.

I think she could be Indian,should be.must be........

She always ask me something about noodles,because our shop has rules.

5 noodles per person.
it means someone who wants to have noodles can get 5 noodle for one time.

the noodle is only 37cent ,so we make that rules,maybe.

actually, I'm not sure....haha

awy,she had 5 noodles in this morning,n then in the afternoon,
she come to our shop to have noodles with another clothes!

after that,i guess she has wanted to show me.....she isn't someone comin in this morning

it was funny, only 4 me.

by orange-answer | 2010-01-05 01:02

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