Plz,dont worry bout I'm fine.

Ne-Yo/Go On Girl

I've decided my way to 2011.

it means it is something what I'm gonna do in 2010.

actually,I'd like to say"wanna be something"

At first,I have to get a job for my exeperience.

second,I have to study more for my job.

third,I have to enjoy my austrarian life that I left 3months.

I wanna workin @ airport.

because,there are must be happy.

lots of people who is looking 4ward to have fun each other.

I guess it makes me happy.

So, I need to get score of TOEIC.

I'm gonna do that.
should be Ok...Everything's gonna be alright.

bt,It's sure I'm goin back to Japan.

Plz,don't worry 'bout me I'm fine.

by orange-answer | 2010-01-06 03:08

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