they r yobbo

Nelly / Body On Me ft. Ashanti, Akon

in a few hours ago,

met someone who has met be4.

he is hotelman,n he is Boxer as well.

when i was waiting 4 bus,he came us,then he said

「r u Japanese?」

actually,he can speak well

bt,just play someone who can't speak fluently....hahaha

then he told me how to tell Japanese or Korean,

n told 'bout his story of Japan

coz he had stayed in Japan.

then he has been to Japan 5 times...2 much..

I think once is enough,bt he really likes Japan to have holiday.

I thought he likes my friend who was next to me when he came us.

bt,he was sooooo nice n soooooo funny person I've ever met.


by orange-answer | 2010-02-06 03:08

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