White pants

My friend invite me to go to the north ・・・・Island..

I've forgot a name of island,awy we had nice time together!!

6 Koreans , 1 chinese n me.....

it must be in English!!nicewwwww

bt,almost all the time "they" were talking 'bout something in Korean,

so,chinese n me were caring each other.....ww

of course, they could speak english more than i speak,

bt,u know,maybe i understand it .....it's easy to talk.

otherwise,i haven't talked in English long time,like this time,

it was nice 4 my practice!!!!!sooooo nice!!

then , finally i saw the dolphins!!lots of!!

sooo lovely day ,it was.

I could learn some more Korean,as well.hahhaha

by orange-answer | 2010-03-07 23:02

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